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Build an Environment in Your Home That Lets You Relax and Enjoy Life

Are you considering renovations to your home? Is it time for a Bathroom renovation? Do you need a retaining wall or deck built in Richmond? Renovations serve to accommodate the changing needs of homeowners and businesses. Renovations to your home or workplace can improve the quality of life and the day-to-day experience for family members, staff and customers. Depending on the original year of the building and updates over the course of the building’s lifespan, further updates will increase the usage, efficiency and comfort of the building.

With the rising cost of land, it makes sense to increase the capabilities and functionality of a space. A thoughtful well planned renovation can alleviate and solve these issues. When starting on a renovation, the first step is a design plan or, at minimum, a clear idea of what renovations you need. The plan is the foundation of any renovation project. Renovations are a collaboration between the property owner and the contractor. Clients are encouraged to take an active role in the planning. It’s helpful to send your contractor images of the existing area, find images that reflect your design aesthetic, and communicate how the space is used. Identify areas that need to be repaired or changed to better suit your needs. The clearer you can share your vision of the space, the happier you will be with the process.

Deck Builder Richmond
modern wooden kitchen

Ignite Construction prides itself on sourcing material available from the local supply chain. It can save you money and time if you can be a little flexible with the material you choose. The exact items or products you have found online may not be available locally. Custom orders can be accommodated however it requires additional time to execute the project. It’s important to be realistic with what you ask of your contractor. Your budget is going to be a determining factor of what your contractor can provide you with. Everyone desires cost-effective construction, fast-paced work schedule delivery, plus high build quality. If your project has tight budget constraints, only 2 of the three criteria are possible for your project. To accommodate the budget, constraints will have to be part of the process. That being said, planning in advance and limiting changes over the course of the project is the best way to maintain the initial estimated project cost.

Strata buildings and Commercial occupied buildings will require additional permissions for construction work to proceed, it is advisable first to contact these parties to enquire about the feasibility of construction before seeking a preliminary project estimate. As a professional construction firm, Ignite Construction can provide supporting documentation to these entities once a project estimate and agreement have been accepted. City permits are not included in project quotations or the scope of work unless a specific request is made to initiate a Construction Permit. These costs will be estimated individually based on the scope of work and documentation requirements.

Ignite Construction has a dedicated team of Construction Managers, certified engineers, project managers, tradespeople and licensed home builders in Richmond and the lower mainland built with passion, professionalism and decades of experience. We are specialists in Home Renovations in Richmond, Bathroom, Renovation in Richmond, Kitchen Renovation in Richmond and deck construction in Richmond.
We use quality materials installed with precision equipment and the utmost skill.
Call or email Ignite Construction today with project details so we can help make your construction projects a reality.

Renovation & Remodeling

Ignite Construction delivers design-build services for kitchen and bathroom renovations in Richmond, upgrades and modernization of interior spaces and additions to your existing home. Some of our most popular services include the following:

Retaining Walls Richmond

Construction Renovation Updates and Repairs

Our team can update kitchens, baths and other areas of your home. As one of the most trusted renovation contractors in Richmond, Ignite Construction can transform your home into a modern and relaxing environment that you have worked hard for and deserve.

Bathroom Renovation Richmond

Standing Showers and Custom Bathtubs

We craft elegant standing showers and custom bathtubs. Build a bathroom area that reflects your own unique usage, style and preferences. Whether you want a contemporary, craftsman, bold or an ultra-modern bathroom. Ignite has the experience and the expertise necessary to create the right indoor spaces for you.

Kitchen Renovation Richmond

Kitchens envisioned and built with precision

We plan, schedule and sculpt modern reliable kitchens that optimize usage, details and create a bold look. Build a Kitchen area that reflects your own unique usage, style and preferences. Whether you want a contemporary , craftsman, bold or an ultra-modern bathroom. Ignite Construction has the experience and the expertise necessary to create the right indoor spaces for you.

Homes Renovations Richmond

Additions to your home

Adding a room at ground level or on the second floor or above can be a challenging process. At Ignite Construction, we make it easy to complete these home renovations in Richmond with start-to-finish support for your project from initial design to final completion.

Visual & Functional Kitchens

“An elegant, clean and purposefully built kitchen brings the family together. Conversation, music, and quick access to organized storage areas make preparing meals a breeze. Proportionate prep and serving surfaces work harder under targeted lighting. Efficiency & Function are at the core of all our projects.”

— Frank Fernandez, Ignite Construction.

At Ignite Construction, we offer kitchen renovation services in Richmond and the Greater Vancouver area, British Columbia, that suit your style and your budget.

Ignite Construction specializes in kitchen renovations in a wide range of styles, including Craftsman, Industrial, Beach, Rustic, Traditional, Contemporary and Asian designs. Our construction professionals can help you to create the perfect kitchen for your Richmond and Greater Vancouver home. We specialize in creating elegant, crafted and practical kitchen spaces for our clients.

Kitchen renovation-2

Build Your Ideal Kitchen

If you are looking for kitchen renovation in Richmond or any of the surrounding areas in Greater Vancouver, our team will work with you to modernize and update your current space to provide you with greater efficiency, unparalleled design and functionality for this essential room of your home. We focus on providing you with the kitchen of your dreams with a plan, options, troubleshooting, custom fabrication and dedication.

If you are looking for kitchen renovation in Richmond or any of the surrounding areas in Greater Vancouver, our team will work with you to modernize and update your current space to provide you with greater efficiency, unparalleled design and functionality for this essential room of your home. We focus on providing you with the kitchen of your dreams with a plan, options, troubleshooting, custom fabrication and dedication.

Ignite Construction can provide kitchen renovations Richmond residents will love and offer the following elements:

Making the most practical use of your available space can allow you to create culinary masterpieces in your kitchen.
Innovative design
At Ignite Construction, we are known for our creative and visually appealing designs. Our use of colour and form has earned our company a reputation for quality work and unique custom purpose.
When designing and planning your custom kitchen renovation, our team will prioritize functionality and usable space to make your kitchen even more practical for you and your family.

We work with you at every stage of the process to create the kitchen you have always wanted on a schedule that works for you.

Kitchen renovation-2

Visual and Functional Kitchens

As one of the most important rooms in your home, your kitchen sees a lot of daily traffic and use. Ignite Construction can help you with kitchens that are visually pleasing and that offer real functionality for you and your family.

Kitchen Renovations in Richmond, British Columbia

To take a look at some of our completed projects, you can check out our gallery below. Ignite Construction can create custom kitchens that work perfectly for your needs.

Crafted Visual Functional Bathrooms Renovation in Richmond

Let us help build your perfect bathroom. We deliver exquisite efficiency alongside modern design and convenience. Specializing in Crafted Standing Showers, Custom Bathtubs, Precision Tiling, Custom Built Vanities and Countertops.

Carpentry Services

Ignite Construction can help with:

  • Door supply and installation
  • Interior and exterior trim installation
  • Moulding and wainscoting installation
  • Window installation and replacement
  • Cabinet design and rebuilds

If you don’t see what you need, send us project details for a plan that suits your needs.

Interior Painting

Painting your home can be a daunting task. At Ignite Construction, our goal is to make the process as streamlined and stress-free as possible. You can trust us to refresh:

  • Kitchens
  • Living spaces
  • Bedrooms
  • Nurseries
  • Foyers
  • Basements
  • Doors, windows and trim
  • Home offices

Installation & Maintenance

The Ignite Construction team performs:

  • Replacement and installation of doorknobs, deadbolts and door hardware
  • Installation and overhaul of weather guards and materials
  • Replacement and installation of cabinet hardware
  • Wall mounting for LCD flatscreen TVs
  • Installation of interior and exterior doors
  • Hanging pictures and mirrors
  • Installation of window coverings
  • Maintenance of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

If you need additional services, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Ageing in Place

Let us help make your loved one’s home safe for ageing in place.

We install:

  • Grab bars
  • Accessibility ramps
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Walk-in tubs and showers
  • Motion-sensor fixtures
  • Stair lifts
  • Roll-out shelving
  • Anti-scald valves
  • Caregiver cameras

Additional services include handrail safety, door widening, counter height remodeling and other ease-of-use upgrades. Contact us for a custom project quote, and let us help you take full advantage of the home tax credit for seniors and disabled persons.


If you need retaining walls for your Richmond home or to build a quality finish fence, we have you covered.

We also offer:

  • Repairs and replacements
  • High-quality cedar fences
  • Teardown and removal of existing fences
  • Staining and sealing
  • Design, construction and maintenance of retaining walls

For customised assistance, call or contact us with your request details.

Exterior Painting

When your home exterior needs a facelift, you can trust us to handle:

  • Wood finish and staining
  • Composite materials
  • Vinyl and aluminum siding
  • Stucco
  • Fencing
  • Decks and railings
  • Eaves


We offer a complete range of residential plumbing services in Richmond:

  • Installation of new fixtures
  • Upgrade of existing fixtures
  • Supply line installation and upgrade
  • Relocation of drains and supply lines
  • Installation of aquariums and water features
  • Installation of exterior water supply
  • Repair and installation of ventilation exhaust and washer/dryer hookups


We can assist with:

  • New roof construction
  • Maintenance, repairs and restoration
  • Complete or partial replacement


Ignite Construction is here for your residential electrical installation needs:

  • Fixtures, outlets and switches
  • Ceiling fans
  • Recessed and custom lighting
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters
  • Surge protectors
  • Security equipment, smoke, carbon monoxide and motion detectors
  • Backup generator wiring

We also upgrade electrical panels. For additional assistance, contact us.

Other Residential Property Work

We also offer a range of other Residential Property services, including:

  • New Construction
  • Steel Stud framing and deconstruction
  • T Bar ceiling installation and deconstruction
  • HVAC utility installation and deconstruction
  • Electrical and Plumbing, Gas licensed subcontracting and bidding
  • Glass Structural and Cosmetic Installation and deconstruction
  • GWB/ Drywall installation and deconstruction
    Tiling and Masonry installation and deconstruction
  • Grouting, sealing, epoxy, silicone, and all other construction joint repair, installation and deconstruction
  • Flooring, Carpet, Hardwoods, laminates, Vinyl, Epoxy and sealed concrete installation
  • Steel, Aluminum and Copper hardware, structure, railings, doors and related construction application for metal Installation and deconstruction
  • Hoarding, scaffolding, and temporary entrances for compromised, vandalized, or under construction building perimeter
  • Concrete and Reinforcement bar, cutting, repair, installation, and disposal
  • Disposal of all construction materials. Subcontracting to licensed vendor or asbestos or hazardous material
  • Permit application for alterations, proposed plans, and all construction work to relevant City, District, and all Authorizing Authorities
  • Roofing for tar & gravel, tar shingle, torch on and Cedar. Installation and Removal
  • Security camera systems, door access, garage access, motion detection, alarms and system automation
  • Audio/ Visual including but not limited to television, audio speaker, and all media installation and removal
  • Wood framing, finishing, fascia, and all other wood applications installation and deconstruction
  • Insulation for thermal and sound barrier applications, installation and deconstruction
  • Painting for interior and exterior application
  • Gated entry, motorized and manual repair, installation and disassembly
  • Perimeter wall, fence, barrier construction in masonry, steel, and other required materials
  • Window installation and deconstruction
  • Door wood, fiberglass, metal, and other repair, installation and deconstruction
  • Material laboratory analysis and result document services
  • Building fascia stucco, cedar, cement board, aluminum cladding, and all other material repair, installation and deconstruction
  • Swimming pool repair, installation and deconstruction
  • Fixed heavy equipment restaurant, factory, office, and mechanical moving, removal and disposal
  • Freezer, cold storage, refrigeration space repairs, installation and deconstruction
  • Office, wall, door, partition, and all other interior finishing repair, installation and deconstruction
  • Office equipment, phone, internet, communication and all other utilities repair, installation and removal
  • Art, sculpture, signage and Decor, moving, installation and removal
  • Signage, lighted, display, fabrication, vinyl and all other signs repair, installation and removal
  • Graffiti, vandalism, and theft repair, concealment and temporary cordoning
  • Lighting, skylights, and spotlight repair, installation and deconstruction
  • Weather preparation, measures and covering for hazardous conditions
  • Fire barrier and rated assembly repair, installation and deconstruction
  • Deck, porch, and exterior structure repair, installation and deconstruction
  • Parking lot painted lines, signage, fixtures and marking repair, installation and deconstruction
  • Ventilation, exhaust, and all air flow related construction requirements
  • Water barrier concrete, epoxy, tile, fiberglass, glass and other repair, installation, and deconstruction

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